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BEFORE follows a group of not-yet-humans as they bide their time in a perpetual waiting room. Like an eternal DMV visit, every visitor in this room has waited for thousands of years for their number to be called to be assigned a life. Some are anxious, some are hopeful, and others are defeated by impatience before their earthly lives have even begun. But for the first time ever, as these visitors watch and worry and wonder, one number is called out over and over, as every visitor rejects this life. Until one.

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Directed by Julia Monahan

Written by Josh Bressler

Produced by Susan Wise Baue
Chris Bauer
Lauren Lukow

Cast Emi Ellis
Lauren Tothero
Sierra Tothero
Toni Maddocks
Pim De Boer
Maya Nalli
Daniel Tetley
Terrance Carty
Danraj Rajasansi
Ernest Keith Walker
Max Raines

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