Daytime Nightmare (Feature Horror)


1H 25MIN

Availability ended 1/31/2021 EST
“Lucy’s life spirals out of control when her own mind turns against her and her nightmares become her daymares.” Aspiring actress Lucy finds her life crippled by intense migraines while taking a strong painkillers provided by her housemate Sara. The headaches develop into terrifying visions of friends and strangers repeatedly killing her. When her ghostly inner self follows her into the real world, Lucy pops more of pills, desperate to shake it. A doctor attributes her worsening condition to exhaustion, despite a history of family schizophrenia. Lucy endures an endless cycle of murders, every time waking up seconds later. She finds herself in a loop of bizarre hallucinations. Dazed by medication, Lucy realizes that she’s now living inside her own worst nightmare, her only companion is her spectral double.


Directed by Katrina Grey

Written by Katrina Grey

Production Company Grey Films

Produced by Katrina Grey
Randy Kalsi

Cast Katrina Grey
David Asavanond
Ron Smoorenburg
Christiana Chaiwanna
Alexander Winters
Bonnie Zellerbach
John Flano
Jonathan Samson
Raluca Porumbacu
Randy Kalsi

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