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The story follows the life of Damien Knoll. At night, he is a host of the radio show called Moonlight legends. He retells the myths and legends that have been passed down from generation to generation. He has a passion for telling these stories of the supernatural. With the help of his best friend Kevin as the technician, they produce this nightly show. Once a week Damien will take calls from his listener instead of him sharing folktales, they share their own stories and everyone can call in to discuss them. During the night, a listener asked about the existence of a demonic glitch that has the ability to take over the technology. After a long discussion of this “Glitch”, Damien becomes obsessed with finding more information about the legend. Right away Damien begins to make and see connections to the “Glitch” everywhere he goes. Or does he?

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Directed by Charlotte Foley

Written by Charlotte Foley

Produced by Charlotte Foley

Cast Stew Jetson
Kevin Wiedman

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