Marrying Myself (Feature Drama)


1H 39MIN

Availability ended 1/31/2021 EST
An unmarried 38 year old decides to give up on men, but live the fantasy of being a bride at a wedding, and decides to marry herself. Her hilarious girlfriends support her and her selfish mother objects, but what will she do when suddenly the right man shows up?


Directed by Eran B.Y

Written by Eran B.Y

Production Company Lightstream Israel

Produced by Moshe Edery
Leon Edery
Micky Rabinovitz

Cast Hila Saada
Dean Miroshnikov
Liz Rabian‬‏
Hila Eran
Anat Waxman
Haim Zanati
Tony levy
Maor Harush
Guy Arieli
Uri Blufarb
Yuval Haklai

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