People Show 138: Last Day

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A short dreamlike drama about power, loss and loyalty. People Show 138: Last Day, follows HR manager Sidney, who after thirty years of working at an industrial sock factory faces a challenging dilemma that could affect the livelihood of his employees. We find him wandering around the now empty workplace haunted by the memories of his past colleagues, friends, and bosses. Throughout his journey he is confronted head on by the horrific consequences of his actions. Will he make the right choice at the end of his last day? Starring Tyrone Huggins, George Khan and thirty young performers from the University of Roehampton’s Drama, Theatre and Performance department.

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Directed by Gareth Brierley

Written by Gareth Brierley
Fiona Creese

Produced by Maya Willcocks

Cast Tyrone Huggins
George Khan

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