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*Important PSA during the end credits. Please watch until the end. Some wounds won’t heal, until you confront them. An abused child, now grown, is still haunted by his past. Will therapy be enough for him to find closure, or will it take a more hands on approach? Charlie Jones, is haunted by a childhood that was filled with repeated sexual and physical abuse at the hands of Martin, a close family friend. Charlie attempts, with the guidance of his court appointed therapist, Dr. Elena Shepherd, to come to terms with his past and, ultimately, find closure, heal, and let go of the heavy burden he’s been carrying for so many years. If he allows the darkness within to come to the forefront and shatter all the walls of protection he’s built up, will he shine a light on that darkness and dissolve it, or be consumed by it?

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Directed by Charlotte Lilt

Written by Charlotte Lilt

Produced by Jason Wiechert
Ryan Henry Johnston

Cast Jason Wiechert
Michael Hanelin
Jane Fendelman

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