The College Life

Films, Best Comedy Short Film


Availability ended 1/31/2021 EST
3 college buddies Vince the star quarterback a pure ladies man, Briggs the class clown Vince's main buddy and Nate just your average college kid trying to get through school. While being Vince's dorm roommate. The 3 are always up to something that usually leads to Nate being the victim of a joke. But on this night Vince finds himself on the other end of a unusual situation.

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Directed by Andretti Dante

Written by Andretti Dante

Production Company KoolKamp Productions

Produced by Shavsha Isrea
Syngman Stevens Jr.
Brandon E. Johnson

Cast Shaun Fletcher
Mba Shakoor
Glenn "G-Wiz" Browder
Jillian Jensen
Jessie Lee
Nicole Nogrady
Catherine Lu

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