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"Journey", a Taiwanese language short( Written in Chinese as: "三彩船之梦“) is based on the true story of a young Taiwanese painter, set in the 1930s. The Artist, Kuo Hsueh-Hu struggled to become an artist, at a time where the artistic profession was less respected and impractical. With support from his mother, a single parent, went against all odds, worked diligently, finally getting recognition for his work. He later went on to become a very successful painter. His works are collected all over the world. He died in 2012 at the age of 104. The short film was Executive Produced by Mr. Kuo's son and the Kuo Hsueh-Hu foundation.

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Directed by Hock Wong

Production Company Moon Bandits Studios

Produced by Xander Guo
Sunny Kuo

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